Caversham Wildlife Park (part 4)

Carrying on from our trip to the Wildlife Park…

Two what seemed, lovey, Purple-crowned lorikeets.
Australian Kestral
Pacific black ducks
Wood (Maned) ducks


Then it was time to visit the koalas.
This and the Kangaroos is the best part of the park.
They are soooo soft.

This is the most I have seen one MOVE. 🙂

Red-browed firetail finch
Tawny Frogmouth
Barn Owl
Blue-faced honey eater
John revisits the loorikeets.

4 posts to show off one visit to Caversham Wildlife Park and even then, I didn’t show hardly any of the 600+ photos I took in a short amount of time.
A must place to visit and enjoy.

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