Birthday Sunset

Any day that looks like it might have an interesting sky for  sunset, we usually head out to the beach. It was a nice way to wind down John’s birthday.

We chose a location we had been before. I am sweet on it, since he brought me here right before we got married, trying to cheer me up from my lost luggage. That had a happy ending.

I never get tired of studying the water and how the waves come in.

The clouds were becoming nicely dramatic.

Love the rocks here. I had to learn the hard way to wear shoes around them, they bite!

My birthday boy silhouetted against a sunset sky, doing what he likes to do, take photographs.

As it became darker, we set up the tripod for some slow shutter speed photography, it gives the waves a ghostly appearance.

The horizon became very pink.

These are the moments that take my breath away.

We stayed even as late as when lights came on the houses nearby. I can’t help but envy their location and hope the give thanks to God for the gift of these sunsets daily!

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