Perth Bus Tour

After a fun wait

So this was a trip around Perth with the Hop on Hop Off Option…


This was the bus. 🙂

…We finally made our way on our tour passing by Kings Park’s Lemon Scented Gum trees…

and past a view of Perth.

Desborough House

Illustrations House, 885 Wellington Street, Perth, WA
Built: 1903

The architectural inspiration comes from “Eternity”, a highly complicated puzzle – with a 2 million euro award for who can solve it – and from the Round House in Fremantle, one of the oldest and most unique buildings in Perth. The bright blue that covers it is instead an homage to Yves Klein, creator of the saturated and luminous ultramarine hue.
Extravagant creative stimuli for new multifunctional sports center Perth Arena in Australia, designed by ARM Architecture in collaboration with Cameron Chisholm Nicol.

Here at the corner of Murray and Milligan Streets is the elegant looking W.D. & H.O. Wills building. Possibly a tobacco warehouse-cum-office in the old days? Looks like apartments at the top now.

This is the original, (or at least very early) Telephone Exchange. Built: 1910 – The building is currently used by Fujitsu.



The Wentworth Hotel, established in 1928.

Queens Buildings
Built: 1898 – Architects: Clarence H Wilkinson & Edward Smith – Architectural style: Federation Free Classical

108 St Georges Terrace (formerly known as Bankwest Tower) is a 52-storey office tower in Perth, Western Australia. Completed in 1988, the building measures 214 metres (702 ft) to its roof and 247 metres (810 ft) to the tip of its communications antenna. It was the tallest building in Perth from its completion in 1988 until 1992 when it was overtaken in height by Central Park. As of 2009, it remains the second-tallest building in the city. The concrete tower has a distinctive profile, with a triangular plan.

Wesley Church on the corner of William and Hay Streets.  The Church was built in 1870.

A girl from Pasadena Maryland can be easily impressed with the tall buildings of any city. Perth is always under construction every time I come.

The Bell Tower Home of Swan Bells. This building houses a very special set of historic bells from London, gifted to Western Australia for their 1988 Bicentenary. You can have a quick listen to the bells » here.

A look at palm trees lining the thoroughfare from the top of the bus. I often get the idea that Perth people think of this part of Australia as the Mediterranean of the Southern Hemisphere.

Town Hall Built: 1868 – Architects: Richard Roach Jewell & James Manning – Architectural style: Victorian Free Gothic

Apparently a Jewelry store in Perth

Bon Marche Arcade Building Built: 1901 – Architect: Henry James Prockter – Architectural style: Federation Free Classical (Edwardian)

I know it’s only a parking garage, but isn’t it lovely they added flowers?

A message of hope while on our bus tour of Perth City.

Catching our reflection in the window of a building. Here John and I in the back seat upstairs of the bus. The back seat is always a favorite. 🙂

More of the bus trip to come…


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