The Birthday Before the Birthday

I’ve been known to give my children a birthday week, not just a birthday day.
Sometimes it’s even felt like a birthday month. I wouldn’t love on my husband any less, and he had a birthday week.

All week he had special things prepared for him and such. So, a few days before his birthday, I had Jeff and Jamie over for a special pre-birthday dinner.

When the boys arrived they both took notice that the house is starting to have a woman’s touch. They were pleasantly surprised, Jeff even started to pull out his cell phone to take photos.

The guest room, taking shape using some old suitcases that I pulled out of storage to act as a side table.

Finally hung, my valentines present. A canvas print from our wedding day.

Jeff kept saying, “A set table at Dad’s…” as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Another view, the boys were fed my homemade spaghetti and toasted cheese bread.

I didn’t want a repeat of last year’s birthday cake, (a chocolate cake that turned into a mudslide cake *sigh*) so this year, I asked John to pick out an ice cream cake, We went to Baskin and Robbins and he selected this Macadamia Nut cake.

After quite a bit of teasing from his sons regarding the new look of his house, the birthday boy is a good sport.


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