Waiting for a Bus

So Saturday, John and I decided to take a Bus Tour of Perth.

It was one of those no roof on the top, Hop On Hop Off buses like we did in New York City with Chris.

Now we got the information we needed from the internet and off we went.
The times must have changed though since they published that website and it turned out we had about an hour to kill.

Not hard to do since we were meeting the bus at Kings Park. 🙂

We already knew from a previous visit that the Banksias were out, so, we decided to wander around and see what else there was to see.


The first pleasant surprise was this Woolly Banksia (Banksia baueri). John also called it a Teddy Bear Banksia. It was large and very cuddly looking. I absolutely loved it. I hope we get some for our garden 🙂

Another exciting find, and we’ve been seeing them along the roads, is this red capped flowering gum tree. Eucalyptus erythrycorys or ‘Illyarrie’ gets its common name from the interesting ribbed red caps which drop off to reveal an unusual four sided flower with clusters of golden stamens.

Beaufortia squarrosa ( Sand Bottlebrush)




Flannel Bush


Eucalyptus macrocarpa, or Mottlecah, is a mallee Eucalyptus that is native to the south-west of Western Australia and noted for its large, spectacular flowers. Not in flower for this visit.

Also, a crow (raven) decided to make friends. He liked the looks of our Strawberry White chocolate muffin.

I couldn’t believe how close it let me get to it.

Looking even closer, I was glad he wanted to be friends.

It was so cute how it would cock its head and look us over


So, you can see there is a lot to do waiting for a bus. 🙂

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