Aquarium of Western Australia 2

Continuing from Part 1 of our visit to the Aquarium of Western Australia

Lobsters, called crayfish here, have teeth in their stomach!

I had always admired John’s photos of moon jellies in the past. This is my attempt.
These animals  have no brain, blood or heart!

Spotted Jelly

The Common Lionfish is a spectacular looking fish that has 13 venemous dorsal fin spines.

The Scorpian Fish

Blue Devil Fish

Sea snakes are some of the most venomous snakes in the world! The shark bay sea snake in WA has venom 10 times more powerful than a cobra’s.

It would be hard to tell a stone fish from a rock.

I got to touch this ray in the touch pool.

Turtle Pool is a rehabilitation centre designed to care for sick and injured turtles.

Inside, there was another pool, but we couldn’t touch these.

But this cow fish seemed to want attention, it kept bobbing out of the water.

The seahorse is the slowest fish in the ocean…

…but what they lack in speed they make up for in style as seahorses are able to hover, pirouette, swim backwards and hold onto seaweed with their tails.

Daisy Coral

We leave with another look at a clown fish. Clownfish live in the stinging tentacles of anemones- they don’t get stung because they are coated in a protective slime shield! Before deciding is an anemone is a good home, clownfish perform an elaborate dance with the anemone, tapping different parts of their body over the tentacles to see if it feels like home sweet home!



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