Miranda’s Birthday Party

When you’re far from the ones you love, sometimes you just do what you have to do to be with them, especially on important occasions. Enric set it up so that we would Skype when they would celebrate Miranda’s actual date of birth, as it seems she already had a sweet weekend to celebrate, which is the Lopez way. So my Tuesday morning in Australia, and the family in Maryland their Monday night, we were off.

It was just getting started, when I thought  I better start taking screen shots. Not seen here, I am told that they put a party hat on the laptop, so I actually have a hat too. That cake? A very special cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory with Kahlua!

Always silliness with our parties and cake.

Laura left “intentionally” and came back to a missing phone.

Miranda opened presents. One was a lilac candle that she said smelled exactly like lilacs, which doesn’t always happen with candles. Jenny told her it was going to be between the lilac and Ocean Breeze, I had to laugh when Miranda said a Lilac candle is better than Ocean Breeze, because Ocean Breeze, if accurate, is a dead fish smell 🙂

Talk, at our get-togethers, always seems to revert to CVS. Wonder why? Laura looks serious!

Party makes its way to the living room to watch a movie.

Miquel, as he looks at FB on his phone, in disbelief that I am still the official photographer of the event, even though I am all the way in Australia. (I had been uploading the screenshots as we talked). 🙂

Miranda had a great birthday weekend and I think the plans are still ongoing. Well, even longer than usual, as the rest of the party continues on my return.
Love you Miranda. xoxoxo

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