IRS, What’s It Feel Like Getting Audited?

So if there is a funny way to look at yet another Obama Administration Scandal, Jon Stewart draws humor from the tables being turned on the IRS.


Stewart savaged the IRS for its secretive closed door meetings, targeting of U.S. citizens, and the wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars on idiotic dance videos, Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island parodies that look like amateur porn setups, and other madcap hijinx.

Stewart downplays a few things in the video, like former IRS head Doug Shulman meeting with the White House 157 times. But he wasn’t the only IRS official chatting about god-knows-what with the president’s staff. The former head of the IRS tax exempt division met Sarah Hall Ingram, who is now at the Obamacare division of the IRS (that’s kind of eye-catching, isn’t it?) met with all the president’s men 165 times — and not a single time overlapped with Shulman’s confabs.

Whether or not anything “nefarious” is going on, Stewart is right about this: we’d all like to see the tax agency’s “receipts.” So what’s it feel like finally getting audited by the American people, IRS?

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