Role Model

Leaders are supposed to lead by example.

Our leaders are telling us every day in every way how bad guns are.

So why did Obama tweet this photo?

President Obama and one of his daughters playing with toy water pistols.


The Tweet comes at a time when several schools around the country—fearful that such toys make kids more prone to violent behavior—have launched trade-in programs that encourage children to exchange their harmless toy guns for chances to win prizes, like books and bicycles.

Children who bring toy guns to school have met with severe punishments as of late. A Maryland kindergartner who took his cap gun on the bus was interrogated by administrators until he peed his pants, and then suspended for 10 days. Cap guns have bright, colorful tips to distinguish them from real guns, and make a popping noise when fired.


I don’t understand how they can vilify it for others, even toys, and play with them, even if off school property.

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