Another Visit to the Baltimore Aquarium

Someone once told me that I’ve been way too many times to our National Aquarium, but besides the price, I really do like it there. This outing was a bit disappointing, since they are making changes and we missed the dolphins, but there is always something wonderful to see.

The weather was a bit dreary and rainy, a perfect day to make an indoor outing. Everyone else thought so too.

Tickets in hand, we started at the Australia section, always my favorite place to start.

A monitor was there to greet us, along with a death adder snake.

Synara takes a photo of some of the many birds in the Australian section.

A lovely King Parrot

Watching all the Australian fish and turtles.

A smile for the camera from Alejandra.

Looking at the…

…freshwater crocodile.

An adorable pig-nosed turtle.

A Terrapin in the Maryland section.

A pose in front of the whale skeleton.

Waiting for the puffins to be fed.

A photo on top of the aquarium in the Tropical Rainforest.

A walk around Harborplace.

Ending the outing at the Cheesecake factory!

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