Earleigh Heights Fire Department Carnival

It’s that time of year again. The weather is hot, the air is sultry and humid, it must be time for the Carnival! This year it worked out that I got to take Silas and Rubí with an added bonus of taking Alejandra and Synara, too!

The car was parked a fair distance from the Carnival, so we had to walk part of the way. The girls must have had my injured shoulder in mind when Alejandra took Rubí in her arms and Synara went with Silas’s hand.

Upon arrival, Rubí soon learned that she was too small to get on many rides. She wanted to go on the teacup ride, and finally the fellow was willing to allow her on with Silas, but she developed an attitude towards him when he had to stop and think about it. What can I say? She knows her own mind.

Silas was tall enough for most rides! But seemed willing to just go with whatever Rubí wanted, he was a dear big brother this evening. Um, don’t let the hood and long sleeves fool you, it was HOT.

BOTH children had their eyes on the ferris wheel and they would be allowed if with older people, but this time Nana was the big chicken.

So we watched Synara and Alejandra from below!

They decided the cars would be their ride of choice.

What baffled me was that while they were riding in the car they had chosen, they were planning the next ride and the next, eyes and fingers pointing everywhere.

The Slide: Ever since I could remember, Miranda let Rubí go down a slide, even when she was super tiny. She always loved it. So I should not have been surprised when this little peanut, barely three years old, couldn’t wait to get on that king sized slide. She was so excited that she brushed past the ticket collector and marched up the steps with Alejandra following close by. The ticket guy decided not to chase her down and let her go. Too funny.

I was worried that when she got on top that she would realize the folly of such a tall slide, but it took all of Alejandra’s fast reflexes to keep Rubí from charging down on her own.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the look of PURE GLEE.

Two very happy faces at the bottom, Alejandra I think was very tickled to be a part of this event with Rubí.

Next car ride. We felt this caption, after looking at Rubí’s face, should be: Silas, you took a wrong turn!

and this one: “Silas, you should have asked for directions!”

Rubí joined in with other children to pop bubbles.

Silas gets a chocolate and vanilla swirl cone with sprinkles, he was very specific with what he wanted.

But he was also a sweetie and shared every other bite with his sister.

Alejandra and Synara get pop corn and lemonade, which they also shared with Silas and Rubí.

Last car ride for the night, I never saw Silas smile so big. On the walk home he assured me that he might not sleep for thinking about his fun night at the carnival.

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