Make Up Party at Heather’s

Laura and I were invited to Heather’s make-up party. She said we could also bring Alejandra and Synara.

Many of the girls at the party: Heather, Jenny, Alejandra and Synara.
The big basket on the table was raffled off and Laura won it. I didn’t bring my camera but Laura had JUST got a new phone so we used her phone camera.

Synara won a make-over. So she was the first to get made up.

The result.

Laura won the next make-over.

Now, I had actually won the next one, but didn’t really want a make-over, so Heather drew a new name and Alejandra was selected!

The girls pose with their new “look.”
Personally, as the mama in the room, I don’t think the make up artist could do much with the three she had, they were all perfections to start with!


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