Ocean City 2013

Jenny and Miquel took Alejandra and Synara to Ocean City, Maryland. Jenny was the photographer for the day. She did another wonderful job!

The way EVERY visit to O.C. should begin, breakfast at the Dough Roller

Because they have the BEST pancakes. (Miquel and Jenny’s mamas raised them right!)

Group photo, after the breakfast. Apparently, Jenny handed the camera to the waitress and had to explain, you have to take the photo, our Mama BLOGS!

Now to the beach!

Miquel’s turn to take the picture.

These two are showing they are very much like brother and sister when together.

Always present at Ocean City, the Gospel message made from the sand.

Another message in a sand sculpture.

A visit to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Even Synara looks short!


Synara is next, we never said a visit to O.C. would be easy . 🙂

Putt putt golf, apparently this is where Alejandra was Jenny’s guardian angel.

More mini-golf.

A ride on the Boardwalk’s Ferris wheel.

A beautiful view of Ocean City from the top.

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