Is It a Kite?

Still on our way to Paynes Find, and had enough of Everlastings to photograph, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a rather large bird.

It was a rather large bird. With all the wildflower books in the car, you think we could have brought one bird book!

John had it figured out to be a kind of Kite.

A black kite, to be specific. There wasn’t just one, as we kept looking the sky was full of them, perhaps two dozen.

The Black Kite preys on lizards, small mammals and insects, especially grasshoppers. It also is a scavenger, and frequents tips in outback towns. Black Kites also gather in flocks around bush fires, and eagerly pounce on small animals as these flee the flames. Both live and dead (carrion) prey is eaten.

I believe this day a dead kangaroo had their interest.

Although, this one seemed to be looking straight at ME!


Over a 100 photos later, we got back into the car and headed to Paynes Find.

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