Kings Park Flower Festival 2013

This year is 50 years that Kings Park Festival has shown off the many varieties of flowers of Western Australia. This is a month long event.

I was here with Laura in 2010 and couldn’t wait to come back.

People from all over the world come to see this flower festival.

John and I decided to go this past weekend. In fact, we will likely go back a few more times. 🙂

The EH Holden celebrates their 50th birthday in 2013 as well, and is going to also be part of the Festival later in the month. (John has a 1964 EH Holden). He’s not very happy they’ve been turned into flower pots for the show, though.

Western Australian wildflowers are renowned as being one of the most spectacular wildflower displays in the world.
The rugged landscape comes alive with a blaze of brilliant colours and lush scents from June to November.

For six picturesque months, a whopping 12,000 plant species carpet the state with their vivid beauty – and endless varieties are still being discovered! And over 60% of these species are found nowhere else in the world.


For an idea of what we got to see in the short time we were there, please see this slide show I have put together.


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  1. 11/4/2013

    […] this is the 50th anniversary of the EH Holden,  they touched on it some at the King’s Park Wildflower show, and also John went to the EH 50th Anniversary Car Show this past […]

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