Lesmurdie Waterfall

In the roar of Your waterfalls,
    ancient depths surge, calling out to the deep. Psalm 42:7

Inspired by all the rain and the waterfalls we have already seen, we decided to go to Lesmurdie Falls.

Naturally there were a few wildflowers out.

Before we go to the waterfall, we climbed upwards to the rapids area.

Meeting a cute caterpillar on our way.

This is a Candle Cranberry, not completely open.

The 50 metre (164 feet) waterfall, one of the more spectacular waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment. The trail passes a lookout with views of Perth city, lush vegetation and seasonal wildflowers.

Now, there is a perfectly fine trail to the bottom of the falls, but THIS is the one my husband took me on. Needless to say, I have a pair of jeans that will never be the same again. The same for my shoes. 🙂

We carefully kept going downwards, seeing new wildflowers along the way.

Finally at the bottom, we could only see the bottom part of the falls.

Lovely at the bottom.

Beautiful place to just rest and take it all in, because quite frankly, I struggled going downwards, fearing to fall.

As we lingered at the bottom, we spotted a brown falcon.

We stayed until it flew away.

While we climbed back up to the top (which oddly enough for me is easier and faster than going down), we saw this black kite.

Almost to the top, a lovely view of Perth behind us.


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