The Dish and Other Things Along the Way

Still enjoying our Saturday outing we decided to go to New Norcia before we stopped at the next wildflower spot.

Then we saw…the dish. Not THE DISH that put Parkes, Australia on the map, but a dish.

The New Norcia ESA (European Space Agency) Deep Space Satellite Dish

The ESA is mostly unmanned but they sometimes give tours. More about it » HERE . The only thing missing was sheep in the paddock 🙂

A colorful one treed hill.

An abandoned house in a canola field.

Australian Cows.

Victoria Plains Agricultural Hall Ruins

On Great Northern Highway it’s not unusual to be pulled over to the side to allow an over-sized vehicle to pass …..slowly….through.

This one was a big one.

It was carrying something with monstrous wheels!

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