Perth Royal Show: Old Can Be New

Sometimes what is old is new to young people. In the Heritage Hall section of the Perth Royal Show, there were several things I can remember seeing growing up and others I wasn’t old enough to remember.

As we started walking around the tractors and old machinery, this old oil can grabbed my attention.

This steam powered machine is used to…

saw wood.

The old way to text message. Here young and old got to see Morse Codians at work…

…and see how their personal message traveled over the wires.

Motor oil cans.

Old machines in a row.

Ye olde washing machine 🙂

An older version of the record player I do remember. Reminds me of when I was telling my students I had old 45’s of a certain music group and they looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese. It’s good to have shows like this so children can see how it used to be and older folk can take home fond memories.

Remember Spirograph? Little did I know that was based on this, a Harmonograph. A harmonograph is a mechanical device that uses swinging pendulums to draw pictures, believed to be originally invented in 1844 by Scottish mathematician Hugh Blackburn. John got very excited to see this and is ready to build his own. I couldn’t help to watch this boy and how utterly fascinated he was seeing this at work.

John captures the actual drawing. We saw two or three different ones being made while we were there.

It would be wrong of me not to notice the gas pumps now that I do work for Paul at Severn Gas Pumps.

Another old gas pump.

It’s always interesting to see the Blacksmiths.

An old tractor. Chicken feathers, nice touch. 🙂

Great section to the show. John and I went through a few times. I can imagine how some of it might have looked completely foreign to the little ones.

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  1. 9/29/2015

    […] saw this the first time we went together at the Royal Show, but it wasn’t there last year, back again, we had fun watching this homemade Spirograph set […]

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