Mint Tasting

Some people have wine tasting, cheese tasting…on Pop Pop’s return from Australia, we had mint tasting around our table. Silas and Rubí are mint connoisseurs at this point. My grandchildren will be your best friend for a bag of mints. 🙂

John loaded the table with mints from Australia and from the English Lolly Shop to get started.

Silas picks one to start.

There were some there they had tasted before, they were anxious to try new ones and have some old favorites as well.


Rubi soon learned that some mints can be very strong and showed us with this adorable face.

What do you do after filling a child with sugar and mints? Watch her dance on her toes of course!

So we took the children outside.


The children were anxious to show Pop Pop their log playground.

Rubi shows off her balance.

So does Silas!

Then off to the barn to find old cars and a big box full of legos!

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