Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving as usual was at Linda and George’s house. This year was a little different, Enric and family were not in Wisconsin and could be with us, and George had commitments in Florida, so he and Linda were getting a little taste of what John and I suffer through too often – separation. No fun.

Even though George was absent, Linda did a great job for our Thanksgiving dinner. Well, I was sure she would, I think George was missed though. 🙂

The day started with Silas and Rubí being shy and clinging to Mommy.

Miquel, our driver for the day, was quick to find a place to watch football. He is in his full November beard.

Enric also ready to watch football.

It looks like my crew is ready to eat.

Oh good, Yaya signals that it’s ready.

Grace said, thanks given, everyone digs in, buffet style. At Linda’s you have options where to sit.

Silas and Rubi find a cozy corner.

Rubi is well pleased with her dinner.

After dinner play lasted hours!

Rubi and Linda have a moment together, Linda shows her a tradition, the after Thanksgiving “Shopping” through the ads.

Rubi catches on fast.

Connor looks ready for dessert.

Or maybe even a cuddle? Has it been six years, that first Thanksgiving we laid eyes on him as a baby?

Next to celebrate Laura turning 20! Then it was home to watch the Ravens beat the Steelers!


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