November Shopping and Lunch with Georgie

“It’s true that shopping is cheaper than therapy”

peace love and shoppingSo it’s the start of November and Georgie and I decided for a girls day out shopping and lunch.

Life kept getting in the way of some time out together, so I was so grateful for this chance before I had to leave.

We went to Joondalup Mall, and not too surprising, the place was ready for Christmas.


Christmas trees were all decorated

Santa, or Father Christmas as also known here, ready to have their photos taken with boys and girls.

A close up of the lovely decorations.

Georgie, a woman after my own heart, loves Christmas as much as I do, maybe more. She was fond of the train going around.

Soon it was time for lunch. John and I received a coupon for Hog’s Breath Café (called a voucher here) from Novus Glass for having our truck windshield repaired there. Knowing John would never take me, I thought Georgie and I could share it.

The menu had some very good choices, but I think we both knew what we wanted in advance, having checked out the menu online.

It wasn’t super busy as we feared as this was the Melbourne Cup Day.

To my surprise they had the place decorated with American license plates, I zoomed in on Maryland.

I ordered what I thought was going to be a small wrap, turned out it was huge.

Georgie ordered a sandwich almost as big as she is!

Surprised to see a sign outside, I had only seen one other place, in Mandurrah, that they are still eating children for free….

Good to get a girls day out.

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  1. It’s a ute, short for utility, not a truck. Truckies would laugh at you calling it a truck. It maybe a bit bigger being 4 wheel drive but it is still a ute, a ute, a ute, a ute

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