G-Spot Ice Cream The Sexiest Ice Cream in the South West

Driving in Western Australia’s Southwest one day, and we spot a sign that advertised something that looked like “G-Spot Ice Cream, the sexiest ice cream in the South West” definitely caught my attention.

Over the years in the SouthWest, we had tried Simmo’s Ice Cream (once on our honeymoon), Miller’s Ice Cream, never one with G-spot in its name.

In spite of the big, eye-catching sign, we had some trouble finding the actual Ice Cream place.

We knew it was near a town called Harvey. Harvey is the brand of milk that John always buys.

So we drove into the town of nearby Harvey.

Harvey’s name is derived from the nearby Harvey River. The area was settled slowly over the remainder of the 1800s. The population of the town was 93 (66 males and 27 females) in 1898.
In 1926 the Harvey Road Board sought the declaration of a townsite, but this did not occur until 1938.

Still unable to find the Ice Cream place, we drove through some pretty scenery.

Who cares if you find the Ice Cream or not, this area is so lovely, and by the looks of someone yonder, we’re not the only ones to think so.

A lot of beauty to take in as always with our drives. We finally turned the 4WD around in our mission for Ice Cream.

Now I’ve been to a few ice cream parlors, but never before was I greeted by a Camel , and an Emu (not pictured here). All Ice cream parlors should have them.

Once inside, and a closer look, shows that “G” stands for Gelati of course!

The best way to eat ice cream, with a view!

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