Margaret River and the Indian Ocean

On this weekend outing, I asked John if we couldn’t go to Margaret River, the spot where it connects with the Indian Ocean.

We had been there in 2010, but had never returned. It seemed a real special place when we went in spring that year, but I was curious what it looked like end of Summer. In particular, we had a little more rain than is usual. Would there be enough water in the river to flow to the ocean this time? If so, I’d like to see that.

Margaret River from Perth

To get to Margaret River, it takes about 3 hours from Perth.

Margaret River on the map

Margaret River is a magical place touched by the Indian Ocean.


From this view you can see the river winding to the ocean. A perfect spot for families to let their children play in the water.

seeing the ocean

We went down to walk by the river, so neat to see the ocean just past the sand where we stood.


Even though it was a very warm day, couldn’t resist watching the splashing water as we made our way to the ocean side.


After our visit there, we took a drive down some tracks we didn’t know where we’d end up. Interesting, we found a house that tried very hard to be a Gaudí

antonio gaudi

Antonio Gaudí. 🙂
Funny … John’s brother went all the way to Barcelona and saw his works, little known there was one in his own “backyard”.

Last week when we came for our anniversary, John wanted to come to Boranup Forest, as we did on our honeymoon. We simply ran out of time for that.

Boranup Forest

One thing that is hard to get my head around, is that with the ocean and rivers right there, inches away from the Indian Ocean is this forest. Boranup Forest.

writing on the trees

It’s a beautiful, quiet and peaceful place, but there are signs a lot of people have been here.


I do love to come here. It’s always a good experience. I saw my very first fan tailed bird here, and last year the floor was covered with Pink Fairy Orchids.

Karri trees

Towering karri trees, some over 60m in height… can you find John here?

Barb and John

A kiss of thank you, for showing me so much of Australia’s beauty.



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