Autumn Orchids and Buddha’s Birthday

So I read there was going to be a celebration of Buddha’s birthday in Perth and expressed an interest in going to John.

You see, they were going to have a whole day’s celebration of Buddha’s birthday, and it ended with fireworks, which was my real motivation for wanting to go.

Some time later in the week, I discovered that there were a few orchids that might be found in April. Now in Australia, it’s autumn in April. I hadn’t seen many orchids in autumn and this week looked to be my chance. We’d have to travel south. I was sad I was going to miss Buddha’s birthday, the fireworks, but we made our plans where to go.

Hare orchid

Even though we were on the right track, some orchids can be hard to find. Some nice retired couple seemed to know where to look and pointed a Hare orchid (Leporella fimbriata ) out to us.

Hare orchid

Only a short time later, John and I found another one, or two!

trees of boranup forest

Then we travel further south, a place we had gone just a few weeks ago, but we were hoping to see the bunny orchid. We went to the lookout, trees for a far as the eye can see. (This is a stitched image of 7 photos put together. Click to see larger image).

tree with graffiti

While looking for the bunny orchid, couldn’t help but notice the obligatory tree with etchings of the romantics.

White bunny orchid

In the midst of the tall trees, John spotted the White Bunny Orchid (Eriochilus dilatatus)

fallen tree

An interesting sight above us distracted us a bit from the orchid hunting. So we climbed higher to get a closer look.


Climbing upwards it felt like a cave without being inside a cave.

risky climb

So glad we made the risky climb up here. (I use the word risky here for those who know me- John was fine).

Us at the top

I was struggling to get a shot of us with the phone. John’s idea of a selfie, you get out the fish eye and put it on timer mode.

rocks on rocks

John finds a tower of rocks and adds to the collection,

tower of rocks

His handiwork.

Slipper orchid

As we were finishing our walk around, John spotted a slipper orchid (Cryptostylis ovata ) ! We have lady slipper orchids back in Maryland (now a rare sight), I was so excited to see this unexpected orchid!

So on our way home, I looked at the clock in the car and it was earlier than expected.

Hopefully, I piped up, “You know, those fireworks weren’t supposed to start until 8 pm!”

Instead of going where the crowds were, John found a place to park across from the fireworks action. We were just in time as as soon as we got our tripods set up and were basically ready, the fireworks started.


Fireworks at Elizabeth Quay in Perth

fireworks Perth

Now these fireworks weren’t the caliber of say, Perth’s Australia Day, but I enjoyed them very much.

Fireworks for Buddha's birthday

A lot of people on our side of the river weren’t expecting this. John really stopped in the best spot.


As the finale fizzled to the end firework, I thought to myself, ‘Sometimes you get to see orchids AND celebrate Buddha’s birthday.

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