Father’s Day and Blue Fairy Wrens

Jamie called John wanting to postpone Father’s Day for one week. It was decided to return to Wungong Dam and photograph the blue fairy wrens there. This time I was able to go with them!

perth early grey morning

Very early, the day started grey and misty, threatening rain as we drove past Perth.

blue fairy wren

It wasn’t long at the dam we saw the first blue fairy wrens.

striking blue

They really are a striking blue.

Caught in mid hop

Caught this one in mid hop

Wrens duet

Loved these two huddled close, pick and preening themselves and each other, and having a duet.

Here is a video you can see and hear them. The clicking sounds you can also hear are the Blue Fairy Paparazzi.

John and Jamie

I had to pause and appreciate Father and Son, doing with they love, together.


Here Naomi demonstrates the dedication involved in being a bird photographer. Can you spot the blue fairy wren in the bushes?

Blue Fairy wrens.

Even though it was far away from me and my camera,. I loved this location for the Blue Fairy Wren.

Magpie with feather.

we saw other birds too, like this magpie who was irritated with a feather stuck in its beak.

Australian golden whistler

I got a shot of this Australian golden whistler, it was directly over my head.

Western Spinebill

John got this Western Spinebill.

White breasted robins.

My favorite of John’s was these White breasted robins.

Scarlet Robin

I had to walk slowly and step by step creep closer to this Scarlet Robin, but it was patient with me and let me get this shot.

Silky Blue orchid

The bonus for the day, was spotting a silky blue orchid.

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