Kings Park Festival: Where the Wildflowers Are

It used to be Kings Park Wildflower Festival, but now it’s Kings Park Festival.

There’s no doubt Kings Park will be where the wildflowers are this September, with the largest presentation of WA’s blooming beauties from all across the state. Kings Park will transform into a rainbow of colour and movement and we want you to join us in the celebration.

They still have wildflowers, but this year it seemed a lot less going on than in other years. It was still a beautiful event with flowers and plants to see.

Red kangaroo paw wildflower

To start our wildflower visit, a red kangaroo paw.


But the star of the festival for me, or perhaps the co-star, is the everlastings.

few everlasting wildflowers

Again, not as many as last year, but always lovely!

Stand out everlastings

There’s always one or two that like to stand out.


Even with less, there were many everlastings.

South Perth and everlastings

Another sweet spot of everlastings with South Perth in the background.

Darwinia meeboldii (Cranbrook Bell)

Darwinia meeboldii (Cranbrook Bell)

Pink fairy orchids

Pink fairy orchids, the other ‘star’ of the festival for me.


A different kind of daisy-like flowers



Eremophila nivea.

Eremophila nivea. I’d love this in the garden!

Lamb's Tails flower

I’ve seen this near Payne’s Find, north of Perth. A curious flower, these are called Lamb’s Tails, and they feel so soft!

Prostanthera magnifica - magnificent mint bush

Prostanthera magnifica – magnificent mint bush

Black Kangaroo Paw

One we’ve tried to grow, Black Kangaroo Paw

Black Kangaroo Paw

Another view of the Black Kangaroo Paw

Red Kangaroo Paw

Another Red Kangaroo Paw, with Smokebush behind it.

Qualup Bell (Pimelea physodes).

Qualup Bell (Pimelea physodes) in the sun. Doesn’t get much prettier than that.

Spider Net Grevillea or Grevillea Preisii

This one is called a Spider Net Grevillea or Grevillea Preisii

Silver Princess tree

Some of the last blooms on the Silver Princess

Scarlett Banksia

Scarlett Banksia


Another Pimelea

Scott River Jugflower

Scott River Jugflower

Scarlet Honey-myrtle

Scarlet Honey-myrtle.
LOVE that color!

Kangaroo Paw

Western Australia has all the odd looking flowers! Love the Kangaroo Paw


John wanted to go back to the car another way, but I wanted to see the everlastings in the late afternoon sun…

Selfy Jon and Barb

We’re here, might as well get our photo with the everlastings. 🙂

everlasting wildflowers

Goodbye dear everlasting flowers….


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