Driving to New York and Taking Photos

Well Laura did the driving and I did the taking photos. (Or as John calls it, “Drive by Shooting.”)

Laura asked me if I wanted to go with her one weekend to New York to see some waterfalls. I said YES! I didn’t have to think about it much, I love nature, I love seeing new things, and most of all I love spending time with my daughter!

So mid August we headed north.

Car hit by heavy branch

Before we even got out of the driving, we had a glitch….

Big branch

On her car, and on the ground around it, it was obvious that overnight a large tree branch had fallen .

So, we spent some time clearing the driveway.

It wasn’t long, we were in Pennsylvania, and the scenery changed.

mountains in Pennsylvania

We had good music on the car stereo, and we could just take Pennsylvania scenery in.


It was a perfect day.

Barn and farm

I love to take photos of barns or farms.


One thing about driving in Pennsylvania, the signs are interesting.

Shamokin Dam

I don’t know why, but it’s so much fun to say, “Shamokin Dam”


More river crossings.

dots on the road

Another interesting item in Pennsylvania, they marked the roads with big white dots, and asked to you count two dots, and stay two dot lengths behind the car in front of you.

Another farm

By now, I saw Laura get into the drive by shooting, and slow down when she could, to help me get my shot. She is such a good daughter!


What is happier than sunflowers in August?


Impressive looking bridge ahead.

New York

Pennsylvania is a big state, but we were finally in New York. We were rather impressed with the roads and signs that really gave good directions in New York.

church and town

Starting to feel like my outings with John, escaping to the country.

Another barn

Wouldn’t mind stopping at every barn, but we had waterfalls to see!

old barn

Yet another old barn.


If you think I took a lot of photos of barns, you should see the few dozen I missed!


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