Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs

On what seemed to be the most windiest day of the year, we were at Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs.

Sandstone cliffs of Kalbarri

The walk trails along Kalbarri’s sandstone cliffs, which plunge more than 100 meters to the ocean, are one of the great experiences of the region.

Natural Bridge in Kalbarri

The first stop along the way was Natural Bridge. It’s a short trail to this lookout, but the wind made it seem longer. We didn’t spot any, but it’s not unusual to see whales and dolphins from this lookout.

To have an idea how bad the wind was, here is a video, using my phone camera, with the case’s wrist strap tied tightly around my wrist:


Island Rock in Kalbarri

Island Rock was once part of the shoreline, but now is cut off thanks to the never-ending pounding waves.

Bathroom adventures in Western Australia

Bathrooms in Australia can sometimes be an adventure. This one came with instructions.

Shellhouse grandstand in kalbarri

Shellhouse Grandstand. Fisherman at sea thought they could see a shell shaped house on the side of the cliff, hence the odd name. We weren’t there at sunset, but that is the best time to view this as when a glowing light hits against the cliff it is especially spectacular.

Eagle Gorge at Kalbarri

The wind wasn’t the only thing, rain was another factor in our sight-seeing today. The view at Eagle Gorge became dark and threatening. This is another good place to see seasonal whales and circling sea birds.

Pot Alley Kalbarri

Pot Alley was named by local cray fisherman after losing many pots to the hazardous cove. Swimming is not recommended. 🙂

As much as the views from the coastal cliffs took my breath away in their beauty, the wind made me glad our next set of stops would be inland.

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