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Weakest President In History 0

Weakest President In History

I personally don’t have all the answers, and often I question when those in authority seem or act like they HAVE all the answers, but I have serious doubts about Obama’s silence and very...

The Closing of Barack Obama Elementary School 0

The Closing of Barack Obama Elementary School

I don’t know what to make of this. From Michelle Malkin How fitting that a school named after our profligate, post-achievement president is shutting down thanks to fiscal mismanagement and non-achievement. R.I.P., Barack Obama...

How Much is  a Trillion 0

How Much is a Trillion

Perspective: How much is a trillion? A trillion is $1,000,000,000,000. That’s 12 zeroes. One trillion is one million times one million. If we filled Michigan’s football stadium with people (all 100,000+ seats occupied) and...

Amid All the Crisis Obama Lives the Good Life 0

Amid All the Crisis Obama Lives the Good Life

I might not be a world expert on international affairs. I may not know everything I need to know about the differences in American and Japanese cultures, but there are things I do know....

Death Threats and More 0

Death Threats and More

Here’s something that made no sense to me. While the whole world was watching the disaster in Japan, the Wisconsin democrats (the ones that shirked their responsibilities, refused to work, and looked down their...

Fail on the Promise for Transparency 0

Fail on the Promise for Transparency

From Yahoo News Two years into its pledge to improve government transparency, the Obama administration took action on fewer requests for federal records from citizens, journalists, companies and others last year even as significantly...


A Visit to Marta and Pepe

When we went to Spain, of course we had a few visits to Marta and Pepe’s house in Sabadell. They had a surprise for me as well, they invited Antonio and his wife to...


Shopping and Taking Photos in Lleida

In 1998 our family took a trip to Spain. I am just now able to  take the movies from the video camera and get them onto a DVD. (thanks Roger!) I chose this excerpt,...

A Party for Cameron at Chuck E Cheeses 2

A Party for Cameron at Chuck E Cheeses

We, along with Silas, were invited to Cameron’s 4th birthday celebration at Chuck E Cheeses. When I told John what we were doing, he said that was an awful name to give a place...

Drilling Delays Ridiculous 0

Drilling Delays Ridiculous

With the crisis in the middle east driving our fuel prices up, I think more people are asking the same questions they usually ask when this happens, “Why not drill here?” The Obama administration...

Sorry About Your Toilets 0

Sorry About Your Toilets

Rand Paul’s toilets don’t work and he blames the environmental movement. Here, Rand Paul leaves the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, Kathleen Hogan, a little speechless.

King Obama and The Race Card 0

King Obama and The Race Card

Apparently, Barack Obama recently made a comment saying the good men and women in the Tea Party Movement were racists. I had not heard of this, and found it disturbing that every time someone...