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Thanks [Self] Giving

We had a different Thanksgiving this year. Enric and family were away. Petra was here. Mom wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. Poor Linda and George had to take their usual lovely and warm...


Rainbow Bee Eaters at Lake Gwelup

John and I love watching these remarkable birds. It’s fascinating to watch them perched on a tree, move their heads as they watch for the next insect, and then take off suddenly to grab...

Perth Royal Show 2014 : Highs and  Lows 0

Perth Royal Show 2014 : Highs and Lows

As an American, put all the best State Fairs together and you’ve got the Perth Royal Show. Now this year, I didn’t want to do to John what I did last year, and that...

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Our Independence Day

We had a quiet 4th of July this year. We had some tennis watching time, swimming, and cookout. Alejandra and Miquel played tennis. After that, a good American tradition over a fire, Smores.

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Hillarys Boat Harbor Sunset

After the show and shine, a trip to Bunnings, and a look at the burned Bush, we decided it might make a nice evening to take photos of a sunset. I also wanted to...

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Raising Her Right

How am I raising Laura right? John uses Pentax, I use Canon, and for a long while now, Laura was using a Nikon. I thought we were going to be a three brand camera...

Spider and Silas 1

Spider and Silas

It’s not unusual for me to announce, “Nice light on some mushrooms outside” or “Spider on the side of the house.” while rushing into the house grabbing my camera gear, and Laura doing the...

Digital Camera with Built-in Projector 0

Digital Camera with Built-in Projector

Now here is an interesting idea. Have you taken photos and  you want to share them with your friends, but haven’t downloaded them yet on your computer? You don’t want to use the small...

Christmas Presents 2008: 18-50mm F2.8 Lens! 2

Christmas Presents 2008: 18-50mm F2.8 Lens!

John, I think a tad frustrated with the lack of wide angle (making up my rather small lens collection), sent me an early Christmas present that I am still getting over the shock of...