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Drakaea livida - Warty Hammer Orchid 0

Just Walking in the Rain

At this point of John’s vacation, we were resolved that rain was going to be part of it, particularly today. We decided we would hunt for orchids in the rain. Oh the places he...


Return to Manea Park

Last time we went to Manea Park, it was in October. This time we would try Manea Park in September, hoping to get a glimpse of different orchids, and most of all the prize...


Early Sunday Morning Bushwalk

We’ve been awake awhile and it’s still not time for church, what to do? Go for a walk in Koondoola Bush. I think we enjoyed our time in God’s creation before Sunday worship.

Wildflowers Along the Way 0

Wildflowers Along the Way

Our travels towards Perth brought us to a lovely spot of wildflowers.   Jug Orchid (Stamnorchis recurva – formerly Pterostylis recurva) Flowers large, jug shaped – thus the common name.  Older flowers have reddish...