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Drakaea livida - Warty Hammer Orchid 0

Just Walking in the Rain

At this point of John’s vacation, we were resolved that rain was going to be part of it, particularly today. We decided we would hunt for orchids in the rain. Oh the places he...



Since my ankle is still recovering, we decided to make our Saturday outing a long drive. Later we would see we went 1000 kilometers. (621 miles).      


A Drive to Christmas Tree Well

Before church we had a morning bushwalk, after church, we went for a drive. We ended up at a place called Christmas Tree Well off of Brookton Highway.


Castlerock 2014

Castlerock. We came here with Laura in 2010, and her enthusiasm for climbing over the rocks gave the place an automatic charm for me. It was later the chosen place for our wedding. So...

double date 0

Double Date in the Country

We went back to look for wildflowers, but this time Jamie and Naomi went with us. We did come across these inch ants… And later we met this little critter, a Bobtail Lizard. There...

Road Trip Saturday (Part two) 0

Road Trip Saturday (Part two)

One of the most wonderful thing about Australia is the amount of public toilets there are. Unlike any other place I have ever been; each town, or non town, no matter how big or...

spider orchids in the bush 2

Spider Orchids

We took the car in today, and while it was in the shop took a short walk in the Bush. We saw a few spider orchids between wind and rains.  

Busselton Flower Show 0

Busselton Flower Show

Sping in Western Australia means a lot of wildflowers. So we went to the Wildflower show in Busselton. Here are a few of the photos that turned out from our visit: