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Drakaea livida - Warty Hammer Orchid 0

Just Walking in the Rain

At this point of John’s vacation, we were resolved that rain was going to be part of it, particularly today. We decided we would hunt for orchids in the rain. Oh the places he...


The Rainy Weekends of Our Lives

And so the weather turns, another rainy weekend. Only it wasn’t just going to be rainy. The Australian Weather Bureau were predicting possible storms, hail, and near hurricane force winds. We packed up the...


Early Sunday Morning Bushwalk

We’ve been awake awhile and it’s still not time for church, what to do? Go for a walk in Koondoola Bush. I think we enjoyed our time in God’s creation before Sunday worship.

Dalwallinu 1

Driving to Dalwallinu

Driving to Dalwallinu John took some time off for my arrival so we could begin Honeymoon 3.0* and start our trek looking for wildflowers. It’s hard to plan these things as wildflowers arrivals depend...

rain 3

It Rained

Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Leviticus 26:4 Normally, rain doesn’t excite me,...

Harpers Ferry with Alejandra and Jenny 0

Harpers Ferry with Alejandra and Jenny

For our last outing before Alejandra had to leave, I decided on one of my most favorite places on earth, Harpers Ferry. For our trip we ended up having rain, so to protect my...

Rubi in the Irene hurricane 0

Irene Hurricane Part One

We are at this very minute feeling the affects of Hurricane Irene. Before it began in earnest, Miranda thought to take the children out. So raincoats, hats, umbrellas were donned, and with how soaked...

Peterson and Lamont Wedding 0

Peterson and Lamont Wedding

With threatening skies and a tornado warning on weather.com, we came home from church, ate a quick lunch and headed out to Gresham Farm to see Chad and Janelle get married. As we drove...