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The Rainy Weekends of Our Lives

And so the weather turns, another rainy weekend. Only it wasn’t just going to be rainy. The Australian Weather Bureau were predicting possible storms, hail, and near hurricane force winds. We packed up the...


The Drive Home

Continuing from the Coalseam Conservation Park blog…our drive. So the drive back home was in and out of wet weather, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying our first weekend outing and taking in...

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Sculptures by the Sea 2016

This was going to be my first Sculptures by the Sea. I don’t know why we hadn’t gone any of the summers I had been here before. This year, we went twice. (Something that...



Since my ankle is still recovering, we decided to make our Saturday outing a long drive. Later we would see we went 1000 kilometers. (621 miles).      

Road Trip Saturday (part five) 0

Road Trip Saturday (part five)

The next part of the day trip took us to Wongan Hills. “Wongan” is derived from the Indigenous Australian name “wangan-katta”, “wanka” and “woongan”. “Katta” is known to mean “hill”, but the meaning of...

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Driving to Dalwallinu

Driving to Dalwallinu John took some time off for my arrival so we could begin Honeymoon 3.0* and start our trek looking for wildflowers. It’s hard to plan these things as wildflowers arrivals depend...

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Orioles Baseball Game

Alejandra’s father mentioned that he wanted his daughter to have the “full” American experience, like, what could be more American than a baseball game? Better than that, the Orioles were playing the Yankees this...