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Just Walking in the Rain

At this point of John’s vacation, we were resolved that rain was going to be part of it, particularly today. We decided we would hunt for orchids in the rain. Oh the places he...


Good-bye Siesta Park

No one wants to leave a holiday. Our time had come though, and we weren’t going straight home, so, even though we were leaving Siesta Park, we still had a day’s adventures ahead of...

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Good-bye Siesta Park

Our time was up at Siesta Park and we packed the car up to drive to Mount Barker. Siesta Park is a special place, so a look around before we go…

Siesta park Sunrise 0

Siesta Park Sunrise

After our long day the day before, getting out of bed early before the sun should have been difficult, but I didn’t want to miss one minute of the beauty that makes up Siesta...

Siesta Park Sunrise 0

Siesta Park Sunrise

Siesta Park is so peaceful, on that you can tell as soon as you arrive. One of the nice things about it is that it faces north, so, you can get the sunrise and...

Siesta Park 1

Siesta Park

Today John took us to Siesta Park. It is so peaceful. It was about a three hour drive from Perth. Here is our cozy chalet. Our entrance to the beach