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I Love My Nana

If Ezra could write the blog, what would he say? I might take a guess…   Nana loves you too, little guy. You are a sweet little boy.

A Walk Around the Neighborhood 0

A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Most of my morning chores done and not quite ready for lunch, I decided since it wasn’t a hot day, I would take a walk. I grabbed my camera of course to document the...

Patapsco Valley State Park 0

Patapsco Valley State Park

Yesterday, we went as a family to Patapsco Valley State Park (the Avalon entrance). It has been awhile since our last trip out there. This area is within the southern end of Patapsco Valley...

Picking Up Sticks 0

Picking Up Sticks

Unfortunately the trees in our yard (and there are many) are not in good health. Thanks to severe thunderstorms and harsh snow storms, branches easily get knocked down into our yard a lot. This...