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Anniversary: Castle Rock

The last visit we made on our wedding anniversary was a visit, or should I say, re-visit to Castle Rock beach. We first went to Castle Rock with Laura in 2010, and because she...


Anniversary: Cowaramup

Still our anniversary, moving on from Busselton, Reptiles, and ice cream, we went to Cowaramup. We had passed through this ‘cow town’ before, so it felt a little “deja moo.” Cowaramup. The name is...


3 Years

It’s not the anniversary we were hoping for. All we can do for now is remember. Three years married is sweet none the less, together or apart. Love you, John. Remember you promised me...


Castlerock 2014

Castlerock. We came here with Laura in 2010, and her enthusiasm for climbing over the rocks gave the place an automatic charm for me. It was later the chosen place for our wedding. So...

Elise 0

Elise and Logan

John and I had been invited to Elise’s wedding and she had it on a date that we both could attend! (Almost missed it by one day!)    

Bridal Party 1

Bridal Party

Dina called me some time back, “I know you can’t have the traditional bridal shower, but when you go to Australia, you’re going to need things, and we can buy you pretty lingerie, make...

Megan and Curt King Wedding 0

Megan and Curt King Wedding

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.     New Year’s Eve Laura and I had the pleasure of photographing the King Wedding. We already knew we were in for a treat with this couple...

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New Years Eve Wedding

Spent New Year’s Eve differently this year – working. Laura and I had the privilege of photographing Megan and Curt’s wedding. It was a beautiful winter theme ceremony. Here is a preview of the...

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Brower Wedding

So if you look at this photo someone took, it looks like I am having a laugh and enjoying being a first time wedding photographer. I now have the Brower Wedding online in a...