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A Visit to Marta and Pepe

When we went to Spain, of course we had a few visits to Marta and Pepe’s house in Sabadell. They had a surprise for me as well, they invited Antonio and his wife to...


Shopping and Taking Photos in Lleida

In 1998 our family took a trip to Spain. I am just now able to  take the movies from the video camera and get them onto a DVD. (thanks Roger!) I chose this excerpt,...

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Kiss and Wipe

Ah your first kiss…sweet, isn’t it? In Miquel’s case, it was hard to tell, as he did the old KISS and WIPE it off! 🙂


Montserrat 1995

38 KM from Barcelona, appears from flat plains, what seems to be a freak of nature, the mountain range of Montserrat, 1,236 meters above sea level. It’s beauty is rare, and every day it...

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Las Caravellas in 1992

The Santa Maria was a small nao, about 70 feet long, used as the flagship for the expedition for Christopher Columbus in 1492. She carried 40 men. Interest in reconstructing the Taylor Santa María started...

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Little Miquel and Arsenio

For weeks and months I tried to establish a bedtime for Miquel. He wouldn’t have it. He busted out of his crib (literally), he tried everything he could. He wouldn’t even THINK of sleeping...

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The Baltimore Years

I grew up from ages 0-7 in East Baltimore on North Milton Avenue. We had the best neighbors, the Sovines and the Metzgers. We enjoyed a lot of memorable times together. Some were filmed,...

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Enric’s 9th Birthday

This is a special birthday clip. Enric was turning 9 and we chose a 50’s theme for the occasion. A lot of music preparation went into this day. We didn’t have the children dress...

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Miquel and Ice Cream

Miquel has been the ‘star’ of the latest posts putting excerpts of our home videos on the web, but I thought to share the three I know of him that were food related, kind...

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Miquel amb Formatge

So a few days ago, I blogged an old home movie about a young Miquel and his love affair with food. The video showed his struggles as he tried to eat a bowl of...

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First Summer in Our House

Taking another trip down memory lane…. Well, still looking at home movies. Only this time it was my sister’s home movies! This came to be because one year for Christmas, I did a lot...

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I’ve added a new category to the blog, “Memories,” as I am in the process of trying to preserve home movies of our family. Today’s memory is of Miquel eating a bowl of potatoes....