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Relay for Life with CVS

Right after Mom’s funeral, Miquel announced to us all that CVS would be honoring Mom with their contribution to Relay for Life. I was impressed and honored that they would do that.   Thank...


Miranda’s Birthday Party Day

It’s not yet her birthday. It’s easy to remember, Miranda’s birthday is the same as Tax Day, April 15th. But today is her birthday party day. It was decided. The family then watches the...


A Different Easter

We knew it was going to be a different kind of Easter. With Mom gone, the center of all holidays, we would have to cope with missing her and making new memories. Even though...


Thanks [Self] Giving

We had a different Thanksgiving this year. Enric and family were away. Petra was here. Mom wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. Poor Linda and George had to take their usual lovely and warm...


Laura is 21

It didn’t seem possible. The little girl I rocked and danced to sleep singing Stones and Steve Miller band to, the little girl that did a turn around from my boys and read ME...

Thanksgiving at Linda's 0

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving as usual was at Linda and George’s house. This year was a little different, Enric and family were not in Wisconsin and could be with us, and George had commitments in Florida, so...

Laura turns 20 0

Way To Turn 20

After us thanking the Lord for sparing Laura’s life in a car accident, Miranda said, “Way to turn 20!” Indeed. So the birthday began in a sweet way…   I am so thankful for...

Birthdays 0

Birthdays Missed

While in Australia, I missed three birthdays. (I might have been tempted to make it four, but Laura threatened me). I missed in order, Silas, Miquel’s, and Enric’s. So even in my jet lag...

Ocean city with Alejandra and Synara 0

Ocean City 2013

Jenny and Miquel took Alejandra and Synara to Ocean City, Maryland. Jenny was the photographer for the day. She did another wonderful job!

Sakura 0

Sakura with Synara and Alejandra

Last night, Jenny, Miquel, Alejandra, and Synara went to a movie then to Sakura. Alejandra was most excited to go to the Japanese restaurant. Jenny did me the honor of taking the photos! And...