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I Love My Nana

If Ezra could write the blog, what would he say? I might take a guess…   Nana loves you too, little guy. You are a sweet little boy.


Long Distance Nana

So I am back in Australia, again. As soon as the jet lag finishes, I suppose John and I will be out having adventures. For now, I am going through the transition of coming...


Ezra Walks!

Ezra has not been in a hurry to walk. However this morning, with Rubí as my witness, he seemed to be ready to make a big effort. Later in the day, he took some...


Mother’s Day

And no mom. All those years I stressed what to get her for mother’s day, and this year there was no flower shop or nursery to go to hoping to find something to light...


Rubi’s Skating Party

Rubí turns 5 and wanted a skating party.   Naturally since Pop Pop couldn’t be there, he asked me to make a movie! He didn’t have to ask me twice. 🙂 Back at home…...


Do You Want to Go Outside?

Me: Do you want to go outside with me? Rubí: Let me get my camera, it just got batteries put in. Where did that come from? Since when does she want to take pictures?...


Kinder with the Kids

Laura and I planned this walk to Kinder Park, and quickly it became a family event. Laura and I walked around the park rather quickly, and soon enough could stop to watch the children...


Scones with Silas and Rubi

My grandchildren are very special to me, living with them, they sometimes feel like my own. I guess that is how mom felt about Enric as we lived with her when he was little...

Silas and his Nana Day 0

Nana Day with Silas

Miranda was trying to think of ways to encourage Silas to continue reading during summer vacation. She had a great idea to have Silas pick some things he’d like to do, and after a...

A Visit to the Horses and Pool Time 0

A Visit to the Horses and Pool Time

We live down the road from a house that has two horses and some smaller horses. Often the smaller horses are away from the road but the two horses they own can come close...

WoW With Silas and Rubi 0

WoW With Silas and Rubi

While some Nanas are happy and busy reading fairy tales to their grandchildren, and it’s something I support and enjoy completely, however,  I guess you can say I am no ordinary Nana. They sit...