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Kings Park Festival: Where the Wildflowers Are

It used to be Kings Park Wildflower Festival, but now it’s Kings Park Festival. There’s no doubt Kings Park will be where the wildflowers are this September, with the largest presentation of WA’s blooming...


The Rainy Weekends of Our Lives

And so the weather turns, another rainy weekend. Only it wasn’t just going to be rainy. The Australian Weather Bureau were predicting possible storms, hail, and near hurricane force winds. We packed up the...


Lesueur National Park

When we stopped at Cervantes, we picked up a brochure for Lesueur National Park and decided to go there. Lesueur National Park covers 26,987 hectares and is recognised for its outstanding conservation, landscape and...


Southern Beekeepers Nature Reserve

Southern Beekeepers Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, approximately 240 kilometres (149 mi) north of Perth. From 1889 until it was officially closed in 1971, a stock route...


Coalseam Conservation Park

So where does the name Coalseam come from? Coalseam Conservation Park is one of the few areas where black coal can be seen at the Earth’s surface. It is also the site of the...


Manea Park Walk

Still in the Bunbury area, we took a second eco-walk, this time the Manea Park Walk Located in College Grove, the Manea Park Walk takes in a range of habitat types. Manea Park is...


A Drive to Christmas Tree Well

Before church we had a morning bushwalk, after church, we went for a drive. We ended up at a place called Christmas Tree Well off of Brookton Highway.

Everlasting Love 1

Everlasting Love

So titled for the flowers, and the SONG . Last weekend we went again, doing orchid and wildflower hunting. We were hoping that the Everlasting Daisies would be open to photograph. Then we drove...

Road Trip Saturday (part five) 0

Road Trip Saturday (part five)

The next part of the day trip took us to Wongan Hills. “Wongan” is derived from the Indigenous Australian name “wangan-katta”, “wanka” and “woongan”. “Katta” is known to mean “hill”, but the meaning of...

Road Trip Saturday (Part two) 0

Road Trip Saturday (Part two)

One of the most wonderful thing about Australia is the amount of public toilets there are. Unlike any other place I have ever been; each town, or non town, no matter how big or...