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Do You Want to Go Outside?

Me: Do you want to go outside with me? Rubí: Let me get my camera, it just got batteries put in. Where did that come from? Since when does she want to take pictures?...


Our Christmas Day 2014

Once again, the holiday air had a difference about it. I think mostly because Mom wasn’t able to handle the whole dinner like in years past. But everyone brought something and contributed.


Our Christmas 2014

Our Christmas is always on Christmas Eve. This year, from even the preparations for the holidays, it was looking to be different. Mom wasn’t well with her back, I got very sick, and a...


Thanks [Self] Giving

We had a different Thanksgiving this year. Enric and family were away. Petra was here. Mom wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. Poor Linda and George had to take their usual lovely and warm...


Laura is 21

It didn’t seem possible. The little girl I rocked and danced to sleep singing Stones and Steve Miller band to, the little girl that did a turn around from my boys and read ME...

Nappy Birthday Miranda 0

Nappy Birthday Miranda

John rejoined Facebook and on her birthday, told Miranda, “Nappy Birthday.” Not sure if that was a typo or a comment that she is having her birthday shortly after giving birth to Ezra.  ...

Baking Cookies 2

Baking Cookies

Christmas is approaching and in this household that means it’s TIME to start baking cookies. Mom and I thought this is something Silas and Rubí would enjoy doing. Did they! When Yaya was ready,...

Thanksgiving at Linda's 0

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving as usual was at Linda and George’s house. This year was a little different, Enric and family were not in Wisconsin and could be with us, and George had commitments in Florida, so...

Laura turns 20 0

Way To Turn 20

After us thanking the Lord for sparing Laura’s life in a car accident, Miranda said, “Way to turn 20!” Indeed. So the birthday began in a sweet way…   I am so thankful for...