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Shopping in Baltimore 0

Shopping in Baltimore

Today, after church, and listening to my son’s message in church, the girls and I went to Baltimore for some shopping. One having nothing to do with the other, I should add. 🙂 Traveling...

Baltimore Aquarium 2

Baltimore Harbor and the Aquarium

Sunday after church we organized to go to Baltimore’s Aquarium. Doing it this way, Miquel and Jenny wouldn’t have work and could go too. In fact, Miquel did the driving, which was perfect for...

Johnny Eck 0

Johnny Eck

So apparently as a child, I walked by a famous person on my outings in Baltimore without knowing it was Johnny Eck. “I met hundreds and thousands of people, and none finer than the...

Dolphin at the Aquarium 0

The Aquarium – Third Time is a Charm

This is John’s 3rd visit to Maryland, and so, his third visit to Baltimore’s Aquarium. He likes it a lot (especially the Australian section). Since it was raining, we had to look for an...

Baltimore Pepsi Plant Will Close Production 0

Baltimore Pepsi Plant Will Close Production

There doesn’t seem to be an agreement on why Pepsi will shut down in Baltimore, be it the economy or the city’s tax. I do think it’s fair to conclude you just shouldn’t start...

with Georgie in Baltimore 0

With Georgie in Baltimore

Naturally one of the places I had to take Georgie was downtown Baltimore and its Harbor. We lunched at Phillips Seafood and had some of their award winning crab cakes. Georgie liked both the...

Georgie 1

Georgie Girl

Today, John’s sister, Georgie arrived from Penn Station in Baltimore to spend some time with us. Silas loves her already, and it looks like so does Rubí! Today we spent the who day shopping...

New shirt for Silas 1

New Shirt

Uncle Meek and Jenny went to the Baltimore Aquarium and got Silas this neat t-shirt! Not Star Wars, but SEA Wars! I think Silas likes it!