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Long Distance Nana

So I am back in Australia, again. As soon as the jet lag finishes, I suppose John and I will be out having adventures. For now, I am going through the transition of coming...


Kinder with the Kids

Laura and I planned this walk to Kinder Park, and quickly it became a family event. Laura and I walked around the park rather quickly, and soon enough could stop to watch the children...

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Winter in Perth

My first day back to Perth I couldn’t wait to stretch my legs after all those hours in the plane, and suggested a walk in the bush. Now I left summer and it’s winter...

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A Box From the Past

Digging around in our barn, we found a very old looking box with very old photos in it. Inside were last names I recognized, but not many faces did I know. On mom’s side...

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Christmas Eve

After being sick and the children gone to Wisconsin, this year Christmas didn’t seem to have the same sparkle…Mom even said it was dull as dishwater around the house. We did all the same...

Autumn Drive 0

Autumn Drive

Besides seeing my precious family, another reason to come back to Maryland was my favorite time of year. I came back at the peak of autumn colors! My apologies and thanks to  my son...

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Back Home in Maryland

After a flight from Perth to Sydney to Dallas to Baltimore…I was back to my Maryland home with some little ones who showed me in many ways they were extra happy to see me.

Ocean city with Alejandra and Synara 0

Ocean City 2013

Jenny and Miquel took Alejandra and Synara to Ocean City, Maryland. Jenny was the photographer for the day. She did another wonderful job!

Shopping in Baltimore 0

Shopping in Baltimore

Today, after church, and listening to my son’s message in church, the girls and I went to Baltimore for some shopping. One having nothing to do with the other, I should add. 🙂 Traveling...

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Sakura with Synara and Alejandra

Last night, Jenny, Miquel, Alejandra, and Synara went to a movie then to Sakura. Alejandra was most excited to go to the Japanese restaurant. Jenny did me the honor of taking the photos! And...

Role Model 0

Role Model

Leaders are supposed to lead by example. Our leaders are telling us every day in every way how bad guns are. So why did Obama tweet this photo?   The Tweet comes at a...

Get Your Motor Runnin’ 0

Get Your Motor Runnin’

A drive to Easton, Maryland (where Laura could get her earliest appointment), my youngest got her license to drive! Always a stressful time, hoping to pass, she didn’t need to worry, she did a...

Hurricane Sandy in Pasadena 0

Hurricane Sandy in Pasadena

Not everyone in Maryland was so lucky, but for our household, hurricane Sandy was… Don’t get me wrong, we treated the event seriously, prepared for it, and knew its potential for harm. We just...

Ocean City with Alejandra 2

Ocean City with Alejandra

It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day to go to Ocean City…the skies were blue, perfect day to escape to the Beach. Laura had wisely asked Alejandra which places did she want to see...