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First Annual Toodyay Music Fest

Saturday March 25, 2017 marked the date of the first annual Toodyay Music Fest. With stages in Duidgee and Stirling Parks for bands and various other performers, St Stephens Church opened its doors for...

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Music from Laura

Laura’s Music John back to work, it was time for me to settle in a routine here in our Perth home. A good place to start was to get my music sorted and ready...

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More Christmas Moments

Growing up, Christmas music, Christmas plays, Nativity Scenes, and Christmas Cantatas at Church were a part of the season. My sister, mom, and I participated in more than a few Christmas Cantatas. Often times...

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How I Love Them Old Songs

I finally have all the albums found in the household on a list. Here is a partial list for now, Compilations I am adding to another list. I sure hope to one day purchase...

Rubi at the Piano 2

Rubi at the Piano

Since the children have musical parents, playing a few instruments between them, it would be lovely if Rubí and Silas could learn some too! Not being too pushy, but Rubí does seem to like...

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New Music

Adding to my music collection is never ending. Here is the latest. 🙂 I am really loving the Saltwater Band song, “Djilawurr”. (push play to listen) It means orange footed scrub fowl. Lovely Aboriginal...

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Two Different Talents Meet in Australia

I loved the quote, “Now that I’ve been to WA, I know so much more what it is to be Australian.” Luke Webb & Desmond Neysmith’s musical journey inspired by Australia

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New Music

Christmas often means new music comes into my collection, and John sent something Enric and I both can enjoy, Tommy Emmanuel. Added to my mp3 collection are the soothing sounds of Iron and Wine,...

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New Music

John sent me some music and I told him, new music is like Christmas! So here is more to add to my collection: 1. Al Jarreau – Kissing my love (3:45) 2. Annette Snell...