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Adventures at the Mall

With the grandchildren. Which is the part that made it an adventure. I am not sure why, but I didn’t think we were ever going to get Silas out of the Bass Pro Shop....


First Day of Spring

In Australia, they refer to the first day of September as the first day of spring. Kinda hard to get my head around, but I just think they’re being over optimistic sometimes. 🙂 But...

Spider and Silas 1

Spider and Silas

It’s not unusual for me to announce, “Nice light on some mushrooms outside” or “Spider on the side of the house.” while rushing into the house grabbing my camera gear, and Laura doing the...

First Snowflake 3

First Snowflake

We’ve had very little winter here in Maryland. The temperatures have been cold, but no snow. Today we had a few flakes. Inspired by Beth Ellen’s snowflakes,  I thought to take a close up...

Silas Prayers 1

An Angel

Miranda is going to win awards soon for her photography. See this one of Silas. She calls it “Prayers”

hummingbird 3


Have you ever observed a humming-bird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers – a living prismatic gem…. it is a creature of such fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description. ~W.H....

First Gig 0

First Gig

When my son got back from Northland, the members of the band (Ryan, Simeon, and Doug) presented him with newly written music and a deadline of June 6th at Chapelgate Presbyterian Church for their first gig....