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D.C. 0

Meandering in Washington D.C.

  Synara wanted to see the White House and Alejandra wanted to see the Lincoln Memorial, so we went back to Washington D.C. We chose a circle that would begin going to the Lincoln...

Ocean city with Alejandra and Synara 0

Ocean City 2013

Jenny and Miquel took Alejandra and Synara to Ocean City, Maryland. Jenny was the photographer for the day. She did another wonderful job!

Shopping in Baltimore 0

Shopping in Baltimore

Today, after church, and listening to my son’s message in church, the girls and I went to Baltimore for some shopping. One having nothing to do with the other, I should add. 🙂 Traveling...

Sakura 0

Sakura with Synara and Alejandra

Last night, Jenny, Miquel, Alejandra, and Synara went to a movie then to Sakura. Alejandra was most excited to go to the Japanese restaurant. Jenny did me the honor of taking the photos! And...

Earleigh Heights Fire Department Carnival 0

Earleigh Heights Fire Department Carnival

It’s that time of year again. The weather is hot, the air is sultry and humid, it must be time for the Carnival! This year it worked out that I got to take Silas...

cupcakes 0

Independence Day Cupcakes

After a nice day at Annapolis, we came home and decorated cupcakes for the 4th of July. We decided to call them Independence Day Cupcakes and mark our July 4th, and Catalunya’s desire for...

Alejandra at the Naval Academy 0

Annapolis Naval Academy

Last year Lisa took us on a tour of the Naval Academy, and this year, after watching the rain pour down, we took a chance to repeat our tour for Synara.  

orioles baseball 0

Orioles Baseball Game

Alejandra’s father mentioned that he wanted his daughter to have the “full” American experience, like, what could be more American than a baseball game? Better than that, the Orioles were playing the Yankees this...

National Zoo with Alejandra and Synara (and Rubí too!) 0

National Zoo with Alejandra and Synara (and Rubí too!)

Last year when Alejandra was here we did not go to the Washington D.C. Zoo, so this year it was the first big thing we did. It ended up being a good plan as...