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Rubi in the Irene hurricane 0

Irene Hurricane Part One

We are at this very minute feeling the affects of Hurricane Irene. Before it began in earnest, Miranda thought to take the children out. So raincoats, hats, umbrellas were donned, and with how soaked...

Uncle Meek with Silas 1

Cool With Uncle Meek

While Enric, Miranda, and Silas were here, Miquel had to work odd hours and go to school. Miquel didn’t get to see them all he wanted. Miquel loves children and they seem to love...

miquel in his hat 1

Miquel…and his “hat”

When Miquel gets something into his head, there is no getting it out. I’ve learned that I think, when he was about 2 months old. After a trip to the Arundel Mills Mall recently,...