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Birthday Party For Silas 0

Birthday Party For Silas

This year Miranda decided to have Silas’s birthday party a little early. Just like last year, it was held at Lake Waterford Park.   Perhaps I should pause here and give the reason for...

Birthday Party at Lake Waterford for Silas 0

Birthday Party at Lake Waterford for Silas

Birthday parties and actual birthdays don’t always match in this family. We celebrated earlier this month Silas’s actual birthday, but today was his birthday party. Miranda decided to have it at Lake Waterford. Sweet...

silas at lake waterford 0

Silas at Lake Waterford

We’ve been trying to get Silas around a few parks. He’s been to Jacobsville Park, the “airplane” park, Kinder Farm Park, and today we went to Lake Waterford Park. When we got there, we...