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This was our first Christmas without mom. Determined to make her proud, Christmas went on as usual. When she lost dad, she continued to live for the rest of us. Following her example, she’s...



  Many years ago, Petra sent me this precious book about Gnomes. My interest in these unknown beings began there. So when I learned there was a place in Western Australia called Gnomesville, it...


Thanks [Self] Giving

We had a different Thanksgiving this year. Enric and family were away. Petra was here. Mom wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. Poor Linda and George had to take their usual lovely and warm...


Laura is 21

It didn’t seem possible. The little girl I rocked and danced to sleep singing Stones and Steve Miller band to, the little girl that did a turn around from my boys and read ME...


Petra Visits

Not long recovered from travel, I was back at the airport, thanks to our dear friend Chrissy driving me, this time picking up Petra at Dulles!

Miniature Birthday 0

Miniature Birthday

My birthday was nearly a month ago, but it’s not over yet. Petra’s gift arrived yesterday.   Along with this miniature house, I should add that Georgie also gave me something small, but sweet....

Christmas Eve 2012 part 1 0

Christmas Eve 2012 part 1

Christmas Eve was suddenly here. We had a few snow flurries and then it was time to begin our evening together. John and I always take the photos and it’s rare we are the...

A Quick Visit from Petra and Leoni 1

A Quick Visit from Petra and Leoni

Petra and Leoni arrived on a whirlwind, a day early, arms full of tulips. She was in the U.S. on official business but took time to visit family, meet Rubí, and see the addition...

Silas loving the chocolate cake made for Petra 2

Petra, Silas, and Chocolate Cake

Petra emailed me about a week ago that she would be coming in for a quick visit. I quickly informed mom on the news and suggested she make a chocolate cake, knowing Petra loves...

Shirts! (and soap and hats too!) 2

Shirts! (and soap and hats too!)

Each Christmas a package arrives from Australia. John, every year, seems to select the nicest gifts. For the two boys, he sent adorable t-shirts from The Perth Zoo where he is a docent. It...

Surprise Birthday Greeting 1

Surprise Birthday Greeting

Birthdays are especially neat when you get greetings and good wishes from friends. Myrna really made my day when I got her email with updates on her life and a brief walk down memory...

Mama and Enric at the piano 2

Mother and Son at the Piano

“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.” – Maria Cristina Mena Sometimes, it’s hard to see a future. So, I go looking into the...